The decision of TRAI to regulate the cloud service providers: Important features and impact

The apex telecom regulatory body TRAI intended to set up an industry body and recommended a “light-touch regulatory framework” for cloud service providers. The Department of Telecom has been given the green light to initiate the process in this regard and asked the service providers to become its member.

Key features & impacts

  • The industry body will work in association with the Department of Telecom or TRAI. It will enable the stakeholders to invent the right spot in the sequence.
  • The first industry body set up by DoT will be a non-profit body.
  • The industry body will review its experience and further calculate upon the need to constitute other bodies that may be required.
  • The scope of the providers will be confined to delivering Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service at the very beginning.
  • The membership is not mandatory for Software as a Service provider. But they can acquire it voluntarily.

What are the functions of the Cloud Service Providers?

A cloud service provider offers a cloud-based platform like infrastructure, storage services, business applications, etc. A customer has to pay only for the number of cloud services they use. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Salesforce, SAP, IBM are some of the popular cloud service providers.


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is a statutory body set up by the Government of India under section 3 of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997. It is the regulator of the telecommunications sector in India.