The significance of the principle of subsidiarity was well reflected in the maagement of COVID-19 pandemic. Analyse.

The principle of subsidiarity entails the devolution of powers to multiple stakeholders to create ease of functioning. It was well reflected in the COVID-19 management in many ways:

  • Decentralization led to effective local-level management. E.g- local bodies were involved in contact tracing with local police.
  • Greater powers to states under Epidemic Disease Act 1897 helped to take need-based measures. E.g- Lockdown in the 2nd phase depended upon states’ decisions.
  • Health being a state subject, required state-level and local-level cooperation.
  • Ensured greater vaccination rates as the center procured vaccines and administration carried out by states.
  • Acceptance of 13th finance commission recommendations by the center ensured funds for states and local bodies.
  • States given the freedom to make their own disaster management plans under SDMA ensured better results.

The principle of subsidiarity has helped India in managing COVID-19 in an effective manner and has restored faith in federalism held as the basic structure of the constitution.


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