UIDAI: Training for Postmen for Aadhaar Service

The postmen will now be able to provide Aadhaar related services at the doorstep of a person’s home. 48000 postmen of India Post Payment Bank (IPPB) are being trained by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to provide door-to-door service in India’s remotest of areas.

What service will be provided?

The UIDAI is providing training to the postmen to go door to door across the remotest areas of the nation and will be linking Aadhaar with mobile numbers, conducting enrolment of children, and updating other details at the doorstep of the people.

Why is this training being given?

This training is being provided by the UIDAI as part of its expansion plans that are aimed to reach out to more people across the country and enrol as many citizens as possible. Also, UIDAI has plans to cover all the 1,50,000 postal officers of the nation in the second part of the plan. Also, UIDAI is not only training the postmen but is also looking to onboard around 13,000 banking correspondents that are currently working with the Common Service Centre under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

What will be provided to the postmen?

UIDAI will be providing necessary digital support like a laptop-based Aadhar Kit to the postmen so that they can update the required Aadhar card details. Till now, pilots have been run by UIDAI with postmen of IPPB using mobile-based kits and tablets for the registration of children.

What are the other plans of UIDAI?

UIDAI has also planned to start Aadhaar Sewa Kendra’s in each of the country’s 755 districts so that the Aadhaar details are updated and collected by the CSC correspondents and postmen are updated fast. Also, ‘mini’ Aadhaar Sewa Kendras will be opened by the UIDAI in all the 7224 blocks of India and they will be having the required set up to link PAN and mobile to Aadhaar as well as updating details like address, phone number, etc.


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