UN asks Countries to Repatriate 27,000 Children from Syria

The counterterrorism chief of the United Nation has urged nations to repatriate the 27,000 children who are stranded in a camp in northeastern Syria. Most of these children are the sons and daughters of Islamic State extremists who once controlled large swathes of Iraq and Syria.

Key Points

  • The situation of these children in the Al Hol camp is very terrifying and is one of the most important issues in the world.
  • These 27,000 children are stranded and at risk of radicalization within the camp.
  • Al Hol is the largest camp for refugees and displaced Syrians in the country.
  • According to the U.N. humanitarian officials, it is presently home to around 62,000 residents.
  • The children in the camp are from 60 countries and it is the responsibility of them to repatriate them.
  • Many countries like Russia and Kazakhstan have jointly repatriated around 1,000 children and their family members.

Syrian civil war

It is an ongoing civil war in Syria. It is fought between various domestic and foreign forces and the Ba’athist Syrian Arab Republic, led by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It began in March 2011 as part of the 2011 Arab Spring protests. The reason behind this unrest was the discontent with the Syrian government.

About Syria

Syria is a West-Asian Country. It has borders with Turkey in the north, Jordan in the south, the Mediterranean Sea in the west, Iraq in the east, Lebanon in the southwest, and Israel in the southwest.