Union ministry set up 16-member committee to study ancient Indian culture

Union Minister of Culture and Minister of Tourism of India, Prahlad Patel announced the formation of an expert committee to conduct a study on the origin and evolution of Indian culture. The committee consists of 16 members that include K.N. Dikshit, Chairman, Indian Archaeological Society.

What are the objectives of the committee?

The committee will conduct a holistic study of the origin and evolution of Indian culture from the time of 12,000 years before to the present. It will also study and its interface with other cultures around the world.

What is the function of the Archaeological Survey of India?

Archaeological Survey of India was established in 1861 by Alexander Cunningham to conduct archaeological research and conservation as well as the preservation of the cultural monuments in India. It is a government agency under the Ministry of Culture. It is headquartered in New Delhi.

What was the condition of India before 12,000 years ago?

During the time phase before 12,000 years which is known as the Mesolithic era, modern humans or Homo sapiens settled in the Indian subcontinent. By that time the last ice age had just ceased. The climate was warm and dry. The first settlements of human beings in India are found in Bhimbetka (Present Madhya Pradesh). The occupation of the people at that time was hunting, fishing, and food gathering.