What are the Objectives of O-SMART Scheme?

The Union Minister of Science and Technology, Earth Sciences and Health and Family Welfare Dr Harsha Vardhan recently said in the Rajya Sabha that the Indian tsunami early warning Centre is currently serving 25 Indian ocean countries under the O-SMART scheme of Ministry of earth sciences.

O-SMART Scheme

O-SMART scheme is the Ocean Services, Modelling, Applications, Resources and Technology scheme. It generates and updates information on Marine living resources in the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The main objectives of the scheme includes:

  1. To monitors free water pollutants in order to do  health assessment of coastal waters of India.
  2. To develop the shore line change maps in order to assist the coastal erosion due to anthropogenic activities and natural calamities.
  3. To develop wide range of ocean observation systems to help acquire real time data from the seas in India.
  4. To provide warnings, advisories and user-oriented Ocean information.
  5. To develop Ocean forecast and Re analysis system.
  6. To develop technologies in order to tap marine bio-resources.
  7. To provide algorithms in order to help in validating satellite data related to coastal research.
  8. To establish water treatment facilities.
  9. To operate and maintain the 5 research vessels deployed in Ocean survey monitoring and demonstration programmes.
  10. To carry out exploration of polymetallic nodules from the water depth of 5500 metres.

Indian tsunami Early Warning Centre

It was established at Indian national Centre for Ocean information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad. It operates under the aegis of  Ministry of Earth Sciences since 2007. The centre provides Tsunami warning services to over 25 Indian ocean countries under the intergovernmental oceanographic commission of UNESCO. It also coordinate with coastal States/UTs to implement Tsunami Ready Programme, introduced by UNESCO, at community level

Indian national Centre for Ocean information Services (INCOIS)

The INCOIS conducts training and exercises to get prepared for the tsunami conditions and spread awareness about it.