What is IQWAT?

It is an virtual platform that has been launched by three corporates Sanjay Kaul who happens to be ex country head of Apple, India, Ajay Kaul who happens to be ex CEO of Jubilant Food Works and Mukesh Kachroo who happens to be ex CTO, Gain Capital, USA. It is an app to preserve and promote Kashmiri Pandit culture.


Iqwat is a virtual platform which allow Kashmiri Pandits to come together and engage in professional and social networking in order to seek, explore, inspire, and collaborate. It is a bridge between yesterday and today. The platform will provide a way to stay in touch with their roots, culture and rich traditions. It will revive the folk tales and songs that have been lost to time. It will also provide a foundation for the youth of the community to rise and shine. The app will be rolled out in January 2021.

How the platform will be launched?

The app will be rolled out in two phases:

  •  Phase I- It will feature a section to illustrate the history of Kashmiri Pandits dating back 2,000 years. Special focus will be on the year 1990. The ‘Spirituality’ section will highlight the spiritual journey of the community while the ‘Showcase’ category will feature young talent and it will support them in advancing their respective careers.
  • Phase II- It will focus to develope an e-commerce marketplace, digital corporate Centre, cultural and entertainment initiative. The app will provide a platform to Kashmiri Pandit entrepreneurs in order to seek out business partners.


Kashmiri Pandits have faced exodus seven times. Most recent being in 1990. They have been forced to flee the Kashmir valley on account of being targeted by  insurgents. Since then, they have been scattered across India and abroad. Thus the culture, language and heritage have eroded gradually. App will help in reviving the culture.

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