Why Kotaiah family demanding GI tag for ‘Kakinada kaja’?

The family of Chittipeddi Kotaiah is going to apply for Geographical Indications Registry’s (GIR) tag for ‘Kakinada kaja’.

Kakinada Kaja

  • It a unique sweet of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The sweet is being made and promoted by Kotaiah family since 1891 in Kakinada town, East Godavari district.


  • The Kotaiah family had migrated from Chinna Parimi village of Guntur district in 1891.
  • The family have been engaged in production of the sugary delicacy, using four ingredients including maida, besan, ghee and sugar.
  • The family is having a tradition of 129 years in the production of sweet.
  • So they have now determined to apply for the GI tag.
  • The Kotaiah family owns four stores in the State. Out it them three are in Kakinada and one in Rajamahendravaram. Thus, the production is geographically limited to only to East Godavari district.


  • Family have witnessed various sections of people have attempted to use the brand image and demand for it by the support of family’s chefs.
  • However, they have failed since people from across the State prefer the kaja from their shop.
  • Lack of awareness and flourishing trade are the main reasons because of which family’s ancestors did not obtain the GI Tag for the sweet.

Geographical Indication

A geographical indication (GI) is a name or sign used on some specific products. There products corresponds to a specific geographical location or origin. The use of a geographical indication acts as a certification for the product having certain qualities or is made as per the traditional using traditional methods or the product  enjoys a good reputation because of its geographical origin.