Why North Korea is concerned about Mysterious cloud of Yellow dust ?

North Korean authorities have warned its citizens to remain indoors so that they avoid contact with ‘yellow dust’. This mysterious cloud of yellow dust is blowing in from China. North Korea warns that the dust might carry in Covid-19 with it.


A cloud of yellow dust was blow in from China and descend on the North Korea. Following that, a nationwide ban on outdoor construction work was announced.  Citizens were urged to remain indoors and to keep the windows tightly closed.

Why North Korea is concerned?

North Korea fears that the yellow dust might make Virus to enter the country.  This concern was based on the research from around the world that has shown that Covid-19 can be “transmitted through air”.

Yellow dust

Yellow dust is sand blowing from deserts in China and Mongolia.  These sands are carried to the North and South Korea through the high speed surface winds during specific periods every year. These particles mixes with other toxic substances like industrial pollutants and thus, this Yellow Dust is known to cause respiratory ailments also.

Can the dust transmit Covid-19 ?

The US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that the COVID-19 virus can remain airborne for hours. It also said that it is highly unlikely for the Covid-19 infection to spread through air in outdoors. However, there is no evidence of efficient spread to people coming in the environment where an infectious person was there. People mostly contract with the disease by staying close to infected person who coughs, sneezes or talks. This way, virus spreads through droplets.