World Bank Human Capital Index: India ranks 116

On September 17, 2020, the World Bank released the annual Human Capital Index.  India has ranked 169th position in the annual Human Capital Index. The Index benchmarks the key components of human capital all over the world.

In 2018, India’s score was 0.44.  It has now increased to 0.49 in 2020.


The human capital index includes education and health data from 174 countries. It covers 98 percentage of the world population. It provides a pre-pandemic baseline on the education and health.

The theme of this year human capital index is human capital in the time of covid-19.

 Key findings of the report

  • In 2019, India ranked 115 out of 157 countries.
  • The report says that more than 1 billion children are out of school.
  • There are significant disruptions in health services to women and children.
  • Several children have been listed out of their crucial vaccinations.
  • The report has found that there has been a major decline in remittances and the total income has declined by 11% to 12%.

 About human capital index

The index is calculated based on three pillars. They are survival, school and health.  Under the school category the quantity and quality of education is included in calculating the index. In the health category, the other survival rates and healthy growing among children are included. This includes stunting rates of children under five and share of 15-year-old who survive until age of 60.

How is Human Capital Index different from Human Development Index?

The human capital index is released by the United Nations development programme. On the other hand, Human Development Index is released by the World Bank.  The HCI uses stunting rate and survival rate to measure health.

The HDI uses per capita income but is excluded in HCI.