Exercise Dosti

The 15th edition of the biennial Trilateral Coast Guard Exercise “Dosti” was held between India, Sri Lanka and Maldives in the Maldives.


The year 2021 marks the 30th year of the Trilateral Coast Guard Exercise “Dosti”. This exercise began on 20th November and concluded on 25th November. During the five-day training, ICGS Vajra and ICGS Apoorva, vessels of the Indian Coast Guard joined the SLCGS Suraksha, vessel of the Sri Lankan Coast Guard.

In the year 1991, the Dosti Coast Guard exercise was first started. These exercises were conducted bilaterally involving the Indian Coast Guard and the Maldivian Coast Guard. Sri Lanka first participated in these exercises in the year 2012. Since then, this exercise has been turned into a trilateral exercise.

India, the Maldives and Sri Lanka have collaborated to work towards four pillars of security cooperation. This applies to human trafficking, maritime security, cyber-security and counter-terrorism.

Objective of this exercise

This Trilateral Exercise Dosti was organized with the aim of further strengthening friendships, developing cooperation between the three coast guards, and improving interoperability among the three countries during the exercises. This exercise is important for India as Sri Lanka and the Maldives are strategically important for India and its maritime security interests.

Significance of this exercise

This exercises has a wide scope. Such partnerships are useful in the event of an environmental disaster such as oil spill or a marine accident. These exercises will help better understand the Coast Guard of other countries and teach how to improve coordination during different missions.

It also helps improve coordination on various missions. These exercises support the performance of joint operations and missions conducted by the nation and contribute to improved interoperability. Piracy is not a major problem in this part of the Indian Ocean, but training like this also supports the Coast Guard in various training opportunities.