Google’s new venture: ‘Travel Insights with Google’

Google recently launched a new travel insights tool for the Indian travel Industry named ‘Travel Insights with Google’. It is a website that will provide details about the trends for demands in the sector for the participants in India.  The website includes the Destination Insights tool, Hotel Insights tool, and a Travel Analytics Center.

Key Points

  • The sector participants will include travel start-ups, hotels, booking agents, and other players in the industry.
  • Travel Insights with Google will provide two kinds of time-specific trends on the basis of the search data of the users.
  • The Destination Insights tool will provide details about the destinations within countries that travelers are most interested in visiting and the top sources of demand for a destination.
  • The Hotel Insights tool will provide a better understanding of where the travel demand within the region comes from. In this way, property owners will have insights into the demand and they can increase their business.
  • The tool will also provide detailed insights of travel demands for single geographies which will be divided into demand for accommodation and air travel demand.
  • The website also has a Travel Analytics Center. It is available to commercial partners of Google in the travel sector.
  • This center will enable the organizations to combine their own Google account data with the demand data and insights with Google.
  • This is meant to help them better manage their operations and find opportunities to reach potential visitors.

Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019

India was ranked 34th in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019. The report covered 140 countries. Spain topped the 2019 report which is published by the World Economic Forum. The first such report was published in the year 2007.

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