Honey FPO Programme inaugurated by Agriculture Minister

The Honey FPO Programme was inaugurated by the Agriculture Minisiter , Narendra Singh Tomar, on November 26, 2020.


  • The Honey FPO Programme is of National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited (NAFED).
  • The programme of inauguration was hosted by the new Honey FPOs, farmers and FPOs from across the country.

Why this programme has been inaugurated?

In India, The culture of Beekeeping is highly predominant in the unorganized sector specially among the rural and tribal population. The honey production and beekeeping culture has very high potential in the country. But the industry is still underdeveloped. Thus, this programme has been inaugurated. Through this programme, NAFED will address these issues.

How NAFED would address the issues?

NAFED would act as an intermediary through the Honey FPOs. It will fill up the gaps between the elements of the beekeeping supply chain. NAFED would further ensure the price remuneration for the beekeeping farmers. It will also work to promote the beekeeping as an occupation for unemployed women and tribal populations and help them to uplift their livelihood.

Honey FPOs Programme

Honey FPOs have been made by ISAP under the parent head of National Bee Board (NBB). The Honey beekeeping, through the Honey FPOs, would help in changing the lifestyle of small and marginal farmers. It would help in increasing and doubling the farmer’s income. Establishment of the FPOs is also significant in implementing the agricultural reforms in the country.  Establishment of FPOs would also act as a first step for establishing the Aatmanirbhar Krishi. In the line, Scheme for Formation & Promotion of new 10000 FPOs was also launched.

Areas Covered

The programme would cover the areas such as Sundarbans in West Bengal,  Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, East Champaran in Bihar, Morena in Madhya Pradesh and Bharatpur in Rajasthan. The First ever Honey FPO is the Chambal FED Shahad Utpadak Sahakari Samiti in Madhya Pradesh. It was registered on November 11, 2020 under the Cooperatives Act.

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