India-Belgium Collaboration on Covid-19 vaccines

India and Belgium have agreed to collaborated to distribute the Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics all across the world. India is having the vaccine manufacturing capacity while it is expected that Belgium will play its role in logistics and supply. Thus, both the nation will make sure vaccine is delivered across the world.

Why this collaboration is significant?

  • The entire world has been affected amid the Covid-19 pandemic. So, distributing an effective Covid-19 vaccine entire nation is the greatest logistical challenge ever the world will face.
  • This collaboration between India and Belgium is the largest distribution effort in the 21st century.
  • India and Belgium partner will promote vaccine cargo transports from India through the global hub Belgium.
  • Belgium have expertise in the handling of vaccines through its aircargo and Belgian airports.

Significance of Belgium

  • Belgium and India are important trading countries.
  • Also, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has stated that Belgium have acquires the top position of R&D in collaboration with industry academia and government.
  • Further, Belgium is the second-largest pharmaceutical exporter.
  • The country is the leader of vaccine developments in the European Union.
  • It is also an important logistics hub and has access to 500 million consumers.
  • Belgium is also a leading country in the biopharma sector.
  • Major banks in Belgium are extremely active in the biopharmaceutical sector.


Both the countries would face the various challenges while distributing the vaccines. These challenges include vaccine safety, prioritisation of beneficiaries, cold chain management, supply chain management, surveillance, monitoring and reporting.