India- Japan : Cabinet approves Memorandum of cooperation on cyber-security

The Government of India has approved a memorandum of cooperation (MoC) in the field of cyber-security between India and Japan.

Key Facts

  • The MoC will boost the cooperation in areas including the capacity building in cyberspace.
  • It also include cooperation on protection of critical infrastructure and cooperation in emerging technologies.
  • The MoC have also the provision of sharing information on cyber security threats and malicious cyber activities.

Why India signed this MoC?

India launched the National Cyber Security Policy in 2013. India just comes among the few countries of the world to have such policy. The digital economy of India stands at 14 – 15 % of the total economy that India aims to  increase up to 20% by 2024. But with the boost in digital economy, there comes the threat of data theft, cyber attacks, Malware attacks such as Ransomware.  In 2016, the data related to debit cards of some 3.2 million were leaked because of lack of security in cyber space. Thus, it becomes important for India to upgrade its cyber security and infrastructure. This can be achieved through joint cooperation with other countries.

Cyber security in India

India has 36 different central bodies that governs the cyber security in India.  Different ministries have their own strategies to tackle the threats.  The states have also established their own computer emergency response team (CERT). While in countries like Singapore, UK and US there is an integrated organisation to deal with the cybersecurity. In that line, India is formulating National Cyber security strategy 2020 that will be implemented for 5 years.