Ministries decides to set up ‘AYUSH Export Promotion Council’

The Ministries of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of AYUSH have decided to set up an “AYUSH Export Promotion Council”.


  • The decision to set up the council was taken on December 4, 2020 during a joint review of AYUSH trade and industry.
  • The joint review was attended by 50 industry and trade leaders from the AYUSH Sector.
  • More than 2000 stake-holders of the AYUSH Sector also attended the e-event.

About the council

The council will help in standardizing the HS code for AYUSH. The Ministry of AYUSH and the Bureau of Indian standards will work together in order to develop international standards for AYUSH products and services. AYUSH industry will work to ensure the quality and standards of AYUSH products. It would also help the products to become price-competitive. AYUSH will further figure in the Brand India activities. The Ministry of AYUSH and AYUSH industry, under the council, will also identify the best practices and success stories so as to promote them amongst the public. The council will help in boosting the AYUSH exports. The misters decided that the entire AYUSH sector will work together in order to achieve the price and quality competitiveness. This in turn will boost the exports.

Why this council has been set up?

In other countries there is a great demand for Indian Ayurveda, yoga, Siddha and homeopathy. Thus, this council would help the existing entrepreneurs to take this as opportunity and open their clinics  there. It will also boost the export serving the larger number of people.