Nepal’s Parliament Dissolution

Nepal’s Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli has dissolved the lower house of the Nepali Parliament, the House of Representatives. Two years of the 5-year tenure of the house was remaining. The president of the country made the announcement about the dissolution of the House.

Key Points

  • This has been done after the problems in the ruling Nepal Communist Party.
  • Oli was facing discontent against him for some time, with internal problems in the party from the past 8 months
  • Oli is now facing a challenge from Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ in the fresh elections.
  • The next elections will now be held on April 30 and May 10 in 2021.
  • Prachanda is the executive chair of the party. At least 7 ministers, close to Prachanda have also resigned against the move of Oli.
  • Several protests have started against the decision of Oli.
  • This is for the first time that such dissolution has happened in the country.
  • The Constitution of Nepal does not provide any right to the Prime Minister to dissolve the house.
  • Because of this, the matter has also reached the Supreme Court of the country.

Pratinidhi Sabha

As per Article 85 (1) and Article 76 (7) of Nepal’s Constitution, the lower house is the House of Representatives. It is also called Pratinidhi sabh?. The house has 275 members and has a tenure of 5 years.

National Assembly

The upper house of the Nepal Parliament is called the National Assembly or Rastriya Sabha. The House has 59 members.

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