Asia’s First Solar Powered Textile Mill to be Set up in Maharashtra

Asia’s first solar powered Textile Mill will be set up in the Parbhani district of the state of Maharashtra. This solar powered textile mill has been named as Jai Bhawani women’s cooperative textile mill.


The setting up of the textile mill was announced by the Chairman of Jai Bhawani Women cooperative textile mill on November 17, 2020. The chairman announced that the mill will soon operate on solar power.  


The setting up of the mill in Maharashtra’s Parbhani district will provide employment opportunity to the women under the project. The mill will also help in procuring the finest quality of the cotton from the Parbhani district itself which is the leading cotton producing district of Maharashtra. Majority of the farmers in the state find producing cotton as a profitable investment.

Jai Bhawani Women cooperative textile mill

The Jai Bhawani Women Cooperative textile mill is spread to 30 acres of land. It primarily process the cotton to cloth. The mill will do a lot of activities such as ginning, pressing, weaving and spinning of the cotton. Total cost of the project is Rs 100 crore. Once the mill is operational, it will provide momentum to the industrial sector in the district.


The Solar Energy Scheme for power looms was launched by the Union Ministry of Textiles in the year 2018. The central government had offered an assistance in the form of capital subsidy so as to set up solar power plants under the scheme. The solar plants are used to tackle the power shortage issues in the power loom units.