C0c0n Conference

C0c0n conference is the name of a cyber security conference which was held by the Kerala Police Department in collaboration with Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (POLCYB) and the Information Security Research Association (ISRA),


This is an international cyber security conference. Formerly known as Cyber ??Safe, it started in the year 2008. It is held as part of International Information Security Day.  Kid Glove is the name of an initiative launched in the year 2015 as part of the 2015 c0c0n conference. Focuses on child protection online. It helps organizations define cybersecurity strategies, trains parents and teachers, develops cybersecurity curriculums for students, and conducts cybersecurity awareness-raising events.

About 2021 c0c0n conference

The 14th edition of this conference was held in the year 2021. It was opened by General Bipin Rawat. At the meeting, blockade measures and online fraud were discussed. The 14th edition of the conference was held in such a manner that online safety would also benefit children in the state. This is because crime after COVID 19 is increasing with the transition to online courses. At the conference, discussions was held at the international level regarding the problems faced by the digital world today. During this conference information was shared on cybersecurity issues, improving management and technical skills, and strengthening law enforcement. The conference discussed various kinds of international threats such as cyber-attacks on digital infrastructure, cyber warfare, data protection espionage and drone attacks.

In the 2021 conference, more women were invited to participate. The 2020 c0c0n conference was attended by more than 6,000 participants.

The theme of the 14th edition of the conference was “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.”

Importance of the conference

According to the data released by the Home affairs ministry, cyber-attacks in the country increased from 3,94,499 in the year 2019 to 1,158,208 in the year 2020. This increased as online activity increased in the wake of COVID19 and the associated lockdown. The second largest consumer of various kinds of smart devices across the globe is India. The main causes of the increase in cyber-attacks in India are accelerated digital adoption in a short time period, outdated systems and processes, cyber security fragmentation, disorganized cybersecurity infrastructure as well as a limited understanding of network security. The conference provided an opportunity to address current issues related to cybersecurity in India.

Benefits of the c0c0n conference

Conference help protect domestic businesses. Such cyber security conferences will increase the trust of international investors and will remove the barriers and risks associated with working from home. India can demonstrate cybersecurity potential and countermeasures by hosting these conferences. The average cost of cybercrime for businesses has increased from $ 1.4 million to $ 13 million. In addition, by 11% data breaches have increased. This conference will help the nation learn about international cybersecurity measures which is very essential to protect national data from the increasing numbers of data breaches.

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