Call your Cop Mobile App

The mobile app Call your Cop was launched by the Nagaland Police Department.


The app was launched at the police headquarters in Kohima. Police are easily accessible with one click, so all citizens of the state, including those in need, can contact the police directly. This initiative is in line with the complete modernization of police. It seeks to stop violence against the weak parts of society. The launch of this app in Nagaland is a major initiative to bring the police and the general public closer together.

Nagaland police had previously introduced an emergency number 112. However, the number of phones has decreased in the months since its introduction. The app is now successful. Internet through mobile is everywhere and thus internet is widely used for criminal activity, especially harassing women.

Key Features

Mobile apps include advanced security features that make hacking difficult. The app contains the phone numbers of Nagaland police officers. There are also functions such as sightseeing tips. Alerts, emergency phone numbers, nearest police stations and other search functions. There is an interactive map. This app is part of the Community Outreach Program Scheme and also has a high-speed dialler.

The main features of the app include notifications, directories, SOS, tourist tips, nearest police station, and search. Anyone can download this app from the Google Store on one’s Android phone.

Benefits of the app

This app allows citizens to easily stay in touch with the police. This app acts a single repository with aim of storing contact information from the Nagaland Police Department of Human Resources. With this app, users can search and find police stations and police officers.


Nagaland police has plans to distribute mobile phones to police officers. These handsets contain a specific mobile phone number. Mobile phones were distributed to police officers on the scene. This means that police officers keep in touch with people over the phone.