Lolab Valley

In Jammu & Kashmir, nestled in the Himalayas is the Lolab Valley which is oval in shape. It is 15 miles long and 2 miles wide and through this valley the Lahwal river flows.


Lolab Valley is located in Kupwara, Jammu and Kashmir. It is adjacent to Neelum Valley to the north and Kashmir Valley to the south. There are more than 9 fountains in the valley.  It is covered with thick fir and pine forest.

This valley is known as the Fruit Bowl of Jammu & Kashmir because of its abundance of fruit trees such as walnuts, apricots, peaches, cherries and apples.

Dispute over the valley

This valley has been separated by the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. It has seen some armed conflicts. These controversies have led to the expulsion of some wildlife. The valley is abundant with Himalayan black bears, snow leopards, musk deers, Hangul, Markhor and ibex.

Tourist Attractions

Saint Kashyap Reshi has been laid to rest in this valley. The Lavang Fountain in the valley is 1 meter deep and is famous for its clear water. The Gauri Fountain is another major tourist attraction in the valley. However, there is little tourist flow in the valley because the government does not intervene. The tourism potential of this valley has not yet been explored.

The Tourism Department in the month of November 2021, hosted the first Lolab Festival with the aim to improve tourism in the region. The main goal of the festival is to popularize the hidden and lesser-known destinations of the Lolab Valley. It is one of 75 potential tourist destinations identified in Jammu and Kashmir. This place has great tourism potential but has not yet been explored.