Kaveri Engine

The Kaveri engine was developed by DRDO and is used to power the engine of the Tejas Light Fighter (LCA).


The project to develop the Kaveri Engine started in in the year 1989. However, it was removed from the Tejas program in the month of September 2008 because it did not meet the required technical requirements.  DRDO was unable to develop an engine due to the lack of equipment and materials, the availability of qualified labour, and the lack of testing facilities in the country. In the year 2011, the CAG determined that Kaveri Engine had spent $ 251 million. However, only two of the six milestones have been achieved.

In the year 2016, France provided € 1 billion to revive the project of Kaveri engine. The French company Snecma will support the production of the Kaveri engine by sharing with DRDO the M88 technology.

Technical Details

It is a turbocharged afterburner engine. Afterburners are parts used to increase the thrust of a jet engine.  It is mainly used for combat, supersonic flight and take off. The afterburner injects additional fuel into the combustion chamber. A turbojet bypass engine is a type of air breathing engine. In an air breathing engine, hot exhaust gas jets are created in the air. These created hot gases are expanded and heated through a nozzle.

Current Status

According to the Defence Ministry, LCA Tejas is integrated into the import engine. In the future, the proposed domestic engine will be developed. The engine has completed altitude tests and flight tests. This is the first flight test of an indigenous military gas turbine.