Community Kitchens Scheme

The Government of India has decided to form a group of  senior officials and Secretary of State of the Center to discuss the framework of the community kitchen scheme.


To avoid hunger, the Supreme Court has applied to set up subsidized dining rooms and community kitchens in all states. In response to this petition, the Supreme Court has instructed the Center to develop a community kitchen program that is acceptable to all states and UTs.

The Government of India has set up a group to discuss the community kitchen scheme framework. This group is headed by the food secretary of the state of Madhya Pradesh, and in addition to Madhya Pradesh, eight states Odisha, Kerala, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam and West Bengal have been included.

About Community Kitchens

The kitchen is owned by the community, owned by the community and operated for the benefit of the community. It is built on the four pillars of quality, hygiene, reliability and service spirit. It helps in reaching the goal of not sleeping hungry.

Community kitchen is a group of people who meet regularly to plan, cook, and share healthy and affordable meals. Anyone can join the community kitchen group and run it wherever there is a kitchen. In India, many states such as Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand and Delhi already operate such kitchens that serve meals at subsidized prices under hygienic conditions.

Benefits of Community Kitchen

The direct benefit of such kitchens is the creation of jobs, especially for women and other vulnerable parts of society, helping to break the cycle of constant poverty. As part of the Self-Help Group network, women have been helped to unite to engage in safe living activities so that they do not have to do physical labor to earn a living during this vulnerable period. increase. The concept of such kitchens will also serve as a means of food security for the elderly and disabled and will effectively combat malnutrition in children. It also helps eliminate intermediaries and reduces the possibility of damage.

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