Garbh Choire Mor

Garbh Choire Mor is a Scottish collie. It snows even in the summer, so it’s called the snowiest collie in Scotland. Collie is a terrain created by glacier erosion.


Garbh Khor Mor has a concave shape. The bottom ends with a bowl-shaped converging zone. Here the ice converges from all sides. It is located at an altitude of 1296 meters. Garbh Choire Mor has a hole called Sphinx. The sphinx is covered with ice. This is not a glacier. This is an eye patch. In addition to the Sphinx, Garbh Choire Mor has another snowy patch called Pinnacles. The Sphinx’s eye disappeared only eight times in 300 years. Most recently, it completely disappeared in the month of November 2021. Previously, snow melted in the years 1959, 1933, 2003, 1996, 2017, 2006 and 2018. It is believed that there was a glacier at Garbh Chori Mor in the 19th century. Since the 1960s, the snow has started to melt frequently. Garbh Chori Mor is part of Cairngorms.

What is Cairngorms?

Cairngorms is a Scottish mountain range. The Cairngorms National Park is situated in this area. It has the highest peaks in Scotland, including Braeriach, Ben Macdhui, Cairn Gorm, Cairn Toul, etc. It contains some of the longest parts of the snow. With the exception of Garbh Choire Mor’s Sphinx, the Cairngorms snow patches are Ciste Mhearad and Ben Macdui. Cairngorms was formed around 40 million years ago before the last ice age.