Gujarat to Rename Dragon Fruit as ‘Kamalam’

The Gujarat state government has renamed dragon fruit as ‘Kamalam’. The move has kept the internet in splits and many criticized it using the hashtag #SanskariFruitSabzi.

Key Points

  • As per Gujarat Chief Minister, the dragon fruit has been renamed Kamalam because of the shape of the fruit.
  • The minister said that the outer shape of the dragon fruit is similar to the lotus. Hence, it has been renamed as‘Kamalam’.
  • Also, as local farmers of Navsari, Kutch, and other regions are growing the fruit, it is given a local name.
  • The state government has applied for the patent of the fruit named Kamalam.
  • This was announced at the launch of the Chief Minister Horticulture Development Mission.
  • The Horticulture Development Mission is a scheme to promote horticulture in the unproductive regions of the state as well.

The government has regarded this renaming as a non-political move. However, the decision has faced backslash at Twitter and other platforms.

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