Hallikar cattle can be found in the Hallikar Belt of the state of Karnataka. The Hallikar cattle gets its name from the community known as Hallikar. This community is known for raising livestock’s as well as cattle rearing.


These cattle are found in Karnataka’s Hallikar belt. They can be found in the areas of Mysore, Mandia, Hassan and Tumkur. They are in the southern part of the state of Karnataka.

Special Features

These cows have long horns that turn backwards. Males of this breed have big humps. The body is medium-sized, the height is medium to long, and the skin color is white to gray. Black colured hallikars are rare. The bulls of this breed are known for their strength and are primarily used for pulling carts and ploughing fields. The males of this species are suitable for this kind of work. The cows of this species, on the other hand are poor milk suppliers.

Other breed types are dairy breeds as well as dual-use. Dual-use varieties are used for both producing milk and work. A dairy breed, is one that has a high milk yield and poor working animals.


Amrit Mahal breeds as well as Hallikar cattle breeds are supported and cared for by the royal family from the Maharajas of Mysore.