KVIC’s Monpa Handmade Paper Unit

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has recently given life to the 1000-yrs Old Monpa Handmade Paper Industry by commissioning a paper making unit recently. Monpa Handmade paper is an art that originated around 1000 years ago became a major part of the culture and custom of Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang. The paper industry was on the verge of extinction and has been given a new life by KVIC. Before this, an attempt for the revival of the industry was made in the year 1994 also.

Key Points

  • KVIC has commissioned a paper making unit in Tawang to promote the art and to engage local youth with it.
  • Connecting local youth will introduce them to the art and will also help them to earn money.
  • The paper making unit was inaugurated by the KVIC Chairman.
  • A team of officials and scientists from Kumarappa National Handmade Paper Institute, (KNHPI) Jaipur was chosen for the task of setting up a paper-making unit in Tawang by KVIC.
  • At present, the paper unit has 9 artisans who are capable of producing 500 to 600 sheets of Monpa handmade paper per day.
  • The artisans will have a wage of Rs 400 per day.
  • To begin the work, 2 men and 12 women from local villages have been trained to make Monpa handmade paper.
  • KVIC will be providing marketing support for the locally manufactured handmade paper.
  • KVIC also plans to set up similar paper making units in other parts of the country.

The Monpa handmade paper which is also called Mon Shugu has a religious and historic significance also. The paper was said to be used for writing Buddhist scriptures and hymns in monasteries.