Mystery Disease hits In Andhra Pradesh

A mystery disease has broke out at the Eluru district in Andhra Pradesh. It has contracted around 400 people out of which 150 are admitted in hospitals. It has led to the death of one person, till date. The reason for the outbreak of the disease is still unknown.

Symptoms of the disease

People suffering from the illness are prone to fits and nausea and sometimes they fall unconscious.  Some of its symptoms include convulsions, seizure and neurological symptoms.

Case study

The first case was reported on December 5, 2020. This disease was originally found in the One Town before spreading in other parts of the city including the Eluru area and Denduluru village.

How this disease is spreading?

The samples of the patients and the local water were collected so as to determine the cause of the outbreak. But the tests could not detect any water pollution or known virus infections. None of the patients have been infected from the COVID-19.  Also other tests like tests for bacterial infections including meningitis, and antibodies, Viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, Japanese encephalitis, dengue, chikungunya etc. were carried and have been ruled out.

Nature of the disease

The disease has been determined as non-contagious so far.  However, some are claiming that the spread of the illness was cause by contamination.

What are the possible causes?

The reason of the outbreak is unknown but the team of doctors are waiting for the laboratory report regarding the organochlorine which is a disease-triggering agent. Organochlorine compounds are the pesticides that are used in agriculture and mosquito control.