National Digital Library for Children and Adolescents

The Union Budget 202324 has announced the launch of several new initiatives aimed at promoting education and learning opportunities in India. One of the key initiatives is the National Digital Library for children and youth, which is aimed at facilitating easy access to quality books for children and youth across the country. This proposed digital library is seen as an important step towards addressing the learning loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic-led disruptions and providing equal educational opportunities to all students.

The Need for a National Digital Library

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the education sector in India, leading to prolonged school closures and a huge learning loss for students. With the increased reliance on online learning, there is a growing need for accessible, quality educational resources that can help students continue their learning journey.

The proposed National Digital

Library will address this need by providing easy access to a wide range of books on different subjects. Children and youth will be able to access books across different geographies, levels, and genres, enabling them to pursue their interests and improve their knowledge and skills.

Promoting Physical Libraries

In addition to the National Digital Library, the Central Government has also announced its intention to encourage states to establish physical libraries at the panchayat and ward levels. These physical libraries will provide an infrastructure to support accessibility to the National Digital Library resources and provide students with a physical space for learning.

The establishment of physical libraries at the local level will provide students with a safe and supportive environment to continue their learning journey. By providing students with access to quality educational resources and a physical space for learning, the government aims to promote educational opportunities for all students, regardless of their location or socio-economic background.

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