National Legal Services Day

On 9th November National Legal Services Day is celebrated. This day is celebrated to commemorate the adoption of the Legal Services Authorities Act. The law was passed in the year 1987. It came into effect on 9th November in the year 1995. This day is important to make the public sensitive to the various provisions of the act and the rights of the parties to the proceedings.


This is celebrated to draw attention to the various provisions of the law on legal authorities. This day is also intended to convey knowledge about the laws of the parties to the proceedings. This day is hosted by state legal services. They organize Lok Adalats, legal aid campaigns and legal aid programs.

In addition to providing information to the public, National Legal Services Day also advocates the promotion of free and competent legal services for members of the weaker social class. National Legal Services Day is a great opportunity to tackle the problems and problems facing the Indian judiciary system and how to deal with them.

Legal Services Authorities Objective

Legal Services Authorities provide free legal assistance and advice. Spread legal awareness as well as organize Lok Adalats. Promote dispute resolution through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism. The various types of ADR mechanisms are court settlements, including arbitration, arbitration, and Lok Adalat settlements or mediations and compensate for crime victims.

Legal Services Authorities Act

The main purpose of the law is to provide free legal assistance to people in marginalized communities. The law allows the establishment of Lok Adalats to resolve disputes. Under this act, free legal aid is provided to Child, Woman, physically disabled and mentally challenged persons, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribe, Victim of human trafficking, Beggars and Industrial workmen, victims of mass disaster as well as ethnic violence and all those people with an annual income which is less than 9,000 rupees as well as people in the custody of psychiatric nursing homes and juvenile homes.