New Parliament Building-Key Facts

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid the foundation stone for the New Parliament Building at the Sansad Marg in Parliament Complex. The new Parliament building is going to be an intrinsic part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat vision of the centre. The project will be completed by Tata Projects Ltd. Tata group had won the bid to construct the building at the cost of Rs. 861.90 crores.


  • The announcement to construct a new parliament building was made by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla.
  • The speaker highlighted that the new building will be constructed keeping in mind the next 100 years.  
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the bhoomi pujan of the ground on December 10.

New Parliament Building

  • The Parliament will reflect the rich culture and diversity of the nation and will be the best Parliament building with respect to modernity, safety and architecture.
  • The new parliament building is 17000 sqm bigger than the old Parliament building.
  • The building also include more Committee Rooms and Political Party offices.
  • It will be constructed at a cost of Rs 971 crore.
  • The construction is expected to be finished by or before 2022.
  • The sittings of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha in the new Parliament Building will be held when the country will celebrate its 75th Independence Day in the year 2022. 
  • The lower house will have 888 seats and the upper house will have 384 seats.
  • The new Lok Sabha Chamber will accommodate 1224 members during a joint session of the parliament.
  • It will not have any central hall unlike there exists one in the present building. 
  • The new building will be earthquake-resistant and would adaptable to the most modern digital technology.
  • It will also incorporate the indigenous architecture from different parts of the country.

Another building will be constructed adjacent to the new Parliament House. It will be constructed on the site of Shram Shakti Bhavan. This would comprise rooms for all the MPs and will be connected through an underpass. While the existing Parliament building will be conserved as an archaeological asset.