Operation Allies Welcome

In the month of August 2021, Joe Biden, the current US president, instructed the country‚Äôs Department of Homeland Security to make efforts to help vulnerable Afghanistan, including those who have helped the United States over the past two decades. These efforts are designed to help them settle safely in the United States. These efforts have been collectively called “Operation Allies Welcome”.


A single coordinating group was established. This group worked under the ambit of the Secretary of Homeland Security. The group provided a wide range of services, including isolation of COVID 19-positive individuals, vaccination, COVID 19 testing and various assistance for non-US citizens or the legal permanent residents staying in the country.

How were screenings done?

About 400 employees were working. The arriving people were screened by rigorous multi-layered procedures such as biometrics and biometrics. These included FBI experts and counterterrorism experts. Photos and fingerprints were also checked.

About Humanitarian Parole

Afghan citizens entering the United States are released to the United States on a case-by-case basis. Such Afghan people are in urgent need of vaccination and medical evaluation. If one do not comply with these conditions, work permit will be denied. Through the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Afghanistan Probation Service applies for immigration benefits.

About Visas for Immigrants

Afghan citizens who have successfully completed special immigrant visa procedures are recognized as legal residents. Their relatives were also recognized as legal residents.

About Vaccination and Resettlement

Afghan citizens paroled to the United States need to be vaccinated against polio, chickenpox, MMR, COVID19 and more. These medical tests as well as vaccinations were provided without taking any kind of charge.

The Afghan citizen are then connected for resettlement. During resettlement, Afghan citizens will be informed of the conditions for parole and details of US law.