San Isidro Movement in Cuba

San Isidro Movement is a movement by artists and activists who are demanding greater freedom of expression. This movement is gaining momentum in Cuba which is under an authoritarian communist regime for last six decades.


  • The movement gained the global attention when the members of the movement like Cuban artists, academicians and other alternative thinkers started unique protest outside Ministry of Culture, Cuba.
  • Amnesty International released the statement recently on December 15, 2020 stating that the members of the movement have been placed under strict surveillance in India.
  • It also highlights that; the members face the threat of arrest by police and state security officials in case they leave their houses.
  • Amnesty International strongly condemns the surveillance and harassment and states that it is unacceptable under the international law as it violates the right to privacy.


The San Isidro Movement (MSI) began in Cuba two years ago. It was started to protest against the state censorship of artistic works. In September 2018, the Cuban government enforced Decree 349. This is a law that gives powers to Cuba’s Culture Ministry to restrict the cultural activity.

How Cuban President reacted?

The President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, has called the movement an “imperialist reality show that destroy the identity and subjugate the country”.  He called for crushing the movement. However, the US has expressed that, Freedom of expression is a human right and marked its stand in favour of Cuban people. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also supported the San Isidro movement.  He also asked the Cuban regime to stop harassment of MSI protestors.