Shramik Mitra Scheme

The Shramik Mitra Scheme has been launched by the Delhi Government for construction workers. As part of the program, 800 Shramik Mitras will connect with construction workers to draw their attention to the various state programs.


This scheme will ensure that the benefits of all government programs reach Delhi’s construction workers. As part of the program, about 800 Shramik Mitras will visit all construction workers in the state capital door-to-door to teach them about various government programs for their benefit. In the Shramik Mitra program, about 800 Shramik Mitras are appointed by the government to be trained under the program. These Shramik Mitras act as coordinators at the ward, district, and Vidhan Sabha levels.

Working of the scheme

The scheme looks to appoint at least 3-4 Shramik Mitras in all districts and accommodate workers registered by the building authorities.  Shramik Mitras also helps workers take advantage of the government programs. Delhi has about 6,00,000 construction workers registered through various registered campuses established by the Government of Delhi.

Objective of the scheme

The purpose of the Shramik Mitra program is to raise awareness of government programs among Delhi workers and enable them to take advantage of these programs in a timely manner.  Shramik Mitras will ensure that Delhi workers are not deprived of the benefits of the corresponding state system.