Study suggests Sniffer dogs are 88% accurate in detecting Covid

A study conducted in the United Kingdom has come out with results that sniffer dogs are 88% accurate in detecting COVID-19 virus and hence, they can help prevent the spread of the disease.

Study done by

The study was done by scientists from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Durham University in the United Kingdom.

What does the study suggest?

The study says that even though the quickest COVID-19 detection test takes 15 minutes to provide results, the dogs can sniff out the diseases in mere seconds. If two such dogs are used, 300 people can be screened within thirty minutes. Scientists involved in the study say that this method can be used in airports, railway stations or other public places to detect the virus early. Along with the screening done by the dogs if a swab testing is followed then the virus detection rate can go up by 91%.

How was the study conducted?

Six medical sniffer dogs were used to conduct the study. They were given garments such as socks, masks, t-shirts worn by Covid patients to help them to recognise the smell produced by the people affected by the virus. After that the dogs were able to recognise the people who had the virus, even if they showed low or no symptoms. The dogs were even able to differentiate the Covid-19 virus from other diseases like common cold, etc.


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