Tamil Nadu banned Online Games

The Governor of Tamil Nadu promulgated an ordinance to ban the online gaming in the state. The ordinance further accounts for a fine up to Rs 5,000 and imprisonment of up to six months in case of violation of the norms.

Why Tamil Nadu banned the online games?

  • The governor of the state has highlighted in the ordinance that because of  online games, innocent people specially the youngsters, are being cheated. There were several instances of suicide also because of game and cheating. Citing the reason of suicides and cheating, the state has decided to ban online gaming.
  • Another reason for banning the online games was that there are no regulations to regulate the games because of which, players end up spending a lot of money to buy-in these games.
  • Further, these games are played by kids of all ages. But,  lack of money to buy these add-on puts peer pressure on kids that leads to unpleasant circumstances like suicides.

About the Ordinance

  • The ordinance bans the online games.
  • It further bans any form of wagering or betting in cyberspace by using computers or any other communication device.
  • This also bans the common gaming houses and any electronic transfer of funds to distribute winnings or prize money.
  • The ordinance simply means, players in the state will not be able to purchase any add-on for the games they play or participate in online gaming tournaments.

What other states have banned online games?

Though, gambling and betting as a sport are banned in several states including Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Nagaland, Mizoram,  Punjab, Sikkim and West Bengal. These states have their own lottery systems. The lottery systems have very strict controls over the number of tickets printed and the prize money distributed. But, most of the state have opposed the online gambling or betting as there are very few regulations to control it. Online games and gambling has been banned by states like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Apart from them, Karnataka has been working on a law to ban online games and gaming.

Significance of the ordinance

The ordinance would help in avoiding incidents of suicide and protect the innocent people from the cheating people face because of online gaming.

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