UAE to become First Arab Gulf Country to Generate Electricity from Coal

The United Arab Emirates is all set to become the first Arab Gulf country, and probably the last, to generate electricity from coal.

Key Facts

  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is doing so, because the government in UAE is increasingly turning to cleaner fuels. Because of this, the price of renewable energy is falling.
  • To produce the electricity from coal, Dubai is starting up the $3.4 billion Hassyan coal plant.

Hassyan coal plant

  • The Hassyan coal plant has a capacity of 600 Mega watts initially. The capacity is being increased to 2,400 Mega Watts by 2023.
  • Dubai would get coal for the plant from Japan’s Jera Co.
  • Japan would supply coal to Dubai under a long-term agreement with Acwa Power of Saudi Arabia. Acwa Power of Saudi Arabia is developing the coal power plant in Dubai.

Why coal plant is being set up?

Coal is considered as the dirtiest fuel for power generation. Despite this fact, Dubai is constructing up the coal based power plant. The reason for this is,  Hassyan’s standards for pollution will be based on the guidelines for natural-gas plants. If it comply with it, that would mean that the Hassyan coal plant emits less carbon than the European Union and the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation for coal plants.

Scenario in other gulf countries

Other countries in the gulf region have not rejected the plans to set up the coal power plant. In the year 2018, Oman had launched a tender for a coal project at Duqm. However, it was later withdrawn.

How the demand of electricity is completed in gulf countries?

Electricity stations in Dubai, the Middle East’s main business and financial hub in the region mostly run on gas.