US President Joe Biden announced a 12 member COVID-19 task force.

The newly elected President of United States, Joe Biden, has announced to set up a task force for COVID-19.  President Biden made this announcement during his victory speech in Wilmington, Delaware.

COVID-19 Task Force

The task force will be headed by physician Vivek Murthy. He was also earlier appointed as the Surgeon General under the Presidency of Barack Obama. The 12 members task force has been set up at a time when the US has been witnessing a hugr record number of Coronavirus cases. The task force will be co-chaired by, along with Vivek Murthy, :

  1. David Kessler who was the Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner,
  2. Marcella Nunez-Smith who was the Professor of Public Health at Yale University, , and
  3. Ezekiel Emanuel who was the former Obama Administration health advisor.

Functions of COVID-19 Task Force

The 12-member task force will work to effectively response the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has already infected millions of US citizens and has damaged the economy of the nation to the core. The task force would also be working to control the Coronavirus pandemic. It will convert his Coronavirus fighting plan into an action blueprint. The task force will built the coronavirus fighting plan on the bedrock of science.

What Vivek Murthy has suggested?

Vivek Murthy has always suggested for a science-based approach so as to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. He has cautioned several times against the politics and politicians tackling and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. He had also been highlighting the faults in the Trump’s government in dealing with the vaccine approval. He also criticized Trump’s statement on overruling the FDA guidance for the approval of the vaccine. In August 2020, Vivek Murthy also raised questions on the rush for an emergency approval of the vaccine in US.