Uttarakhand Requests M.P for White Tiger

Recently, the Uttarakhand state government has requested the Madhya Pradesh government to send White Tiger cubs to the Sitabani Wildlife Reserve in Nainital for the upcoming Tiger Safari Project.

Key Points

  • Satpal Maharaj, the Uttarakhand State Tourism Minister has sent a written request to the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister to send white tiger cubs to the state from the Maharaja Martand Singh Judeo White Tiger Safari and Zoo in Rewa.
  • The Minister has requested to send a few cubs to give a new dimension to tourism at Sitabani Wildlife Reserve of the state.
  • Uttarakhand is chalking out a plan for a new tiger safari park and the request of white tiger cubs is for the same.
  • The Tiger Safari park will cost around Rs 150 crore to Uttarakhand and the project for the park is expected to be completed by November 2021.
  • As of now, no response has been received from the Madhya Pradesh government. It must also be noted that shifting of tigers will also require an analysis that whether the new environment and climate is suitable for them or not. This analysis will be done by the Central Zoo Authority.


It was in the year 1951 that Maharaja Martand Singh of Rewa caught the first white tiger in the Sidhi district and brought it to Rewa. A White Tiger Sanctuary is now also situated in Rewa.