What is Whatsapp OTP Scam?

Whatsapp is a messaging platform that is owned by Facebook. It is the most popular messenger platform around the world. The platform users to communicate or chat via text messages, voice calls, video calls and allows them to share photos, documents, videos, locations, and much more.

What is Whatsapp OTP Scam?

It is a scam related to Whatsapp where scammers send One Time Password (OTP) to your Whatsapp account and then trick you to share the OTP with them. Once the OTP is shared, the scammer gets access and control of your Whatsapp account. These messages containing OTP can come in any form in your account.

What to do in case of receiving an OTP on your Whatsapp account?

If in case, someone shares an OTP to your Whatsapp account and asks you to share it with them on account of any emergency or any reason, do not indulge with them. In no case share, any OTP received in your Whatsapp account or your phone to anyone.

Such scams are very common these days; many people gain access to banking accounts of people with similar scams.  RBI also conducted awareness programs for not sharing OTP with anyone.

In a similar way, scammers gain access to your Whatsapp account.

Two-Step Verification for your Whatsapp Account

In order to protect your account from scammers, you should opt for a 2-step verification process of Whatsapp.

In this method, along with entering the mobile number, there is an option to enter the email ID also.

Whatsapp sends you a reset link on your email in case you forget your PIN.