What is WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy?

Recently, the news is circulating around about the new privacy policy of Whatsapp. People are criticizing the new policy for the fear of leakage of their private information. A new notification is being popped up in the WhatsApp accounts of the users and they have time until February 8 to accept this privacy policy to continue using the platform.

What is the New Privacy Policy of Whatsapp?

  • As per the new privacy policy, WhatsApp says that it will be sharing the user information that it automatically collects for them with Facebook and other platforms of the family.
  • As per Whatsapp, the main aim of this new privacy policy is to improve the customer experience and enhance the services. Like, sharing relevant ads to you as per your preferences on Facebook, helping you complete transactions, etc.
  • The information that WhatsApp automatically collects includes your username, mobile number, your status, your profile photo, ‘about’ information, and other activities.
  • The platform also collects other information like which phone or device you use, mobile network, IP address, and location (if access provided).
  • Whatsapp says that this sharing of information will help it to improve its services.
  • As far as ads on Whatsapp are concerned, the platform does not allow third-party ads on the app and has no plans of doing so as of now.

What about End-to-End Chat Encryption? Is your chat Safe?

As per Whatsapp, the personal chats of the users are end-to-end encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone. The company has clarified that personal chats will not be shared with Facebook and other partners. However, people have concerns about their privacy and have started switching to other apps also.