World Science Day for Peace and Development – On November 10.

The World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated every year on November 10. The day is celebrated in order to ensure that citizens are kept well informed about the developments of science. It also raise the awareness about how scientists play in broadening the understanding of the citizens in making societies more sustainable. This year the day is celebrated under the theme: Science for and with Society.  Also, the primary focus of the day is on “Science for and with Society in dealing with the global pandemic”.


The day was first proclaimed in 2001 by UNESCO. It is being celebrated by the United Nations since 2002. The primary objectives of the day include:

  1. Strengthening the role of science for sustainable and peaceful societies.
  2. Promoting the national and international solidarity.
  3. Renewing the national and international commitment.
  4. Drawing attention about the challenges faced by science.

First World Science Day for Peace and Development

The first World Science Day for Peace and Development was celebrated by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on November 10, 2002.  In the celebration, governmental organisation, intergovernmental organisation, non-governmental organisations, UNESCO National Commissions, scientific and research institutions, professional associations, media, science teachers and schools took their participation.

Science and COVID-19

A collaborative relationship between scientists, policymakers and scientific research including potential vaccines must be shared universally in the ongoing COVID-19 situation.  It has been observed by the scientists that to respond against the COVID-19 better use of science and technology is required.

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