13th Urban Mobility India Conference, 2020 to be held on November 9.

The 13th Urban Mobility India (UMI) Conference will be organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs on November 9, 2020.


The theme will be organised this year on the theme of “Emerging Trends in Urban Mobility” . The event would focus on the innovative measures taken at national and international level so as to address the challenges posed by Covid-19 pandemic. It also seeks to provide accessible and convenient transport to the people. The Ministry organizes an annual international Conference-cum-Exhibition on Urban Mobility India which is also known as UMI, under the National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP),  2006.  The objective of the conference is to provide information about the latest and best urban transport practices being followed globally to the officials of the cities.


The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India had issued the National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP),  2006. The main objective of the policy is to ensure safe, affordable, comfortable, quick, reliable and sustainable access to jobs, education, recreation and such other needs within the cities of the residents. This objective of the policy will be achieved-

  1. By incorporating urban transportation at the urban planning stage.
  2. By encouraging integrated land use and transport planning in all cities in order to minimize the travel distances.
  3. By providing the access to livelihoods and education especially to the marginal segments of the urban population.
  4. By improving access of business to markets and other factors of production.
  5. By bringing a more equitable allocation of road space with people, rather than vehicles.