Alphabet Workers Union- Highlights

Recently, over 200 Google employees in the United States have formed a workers’ union- Alphabet Workers Union.

Key Points

  • The “Alphabet Workers Union” has been formed with an aim of ensuring that employees work in proper working conditions, at a fair wage, without fear of discrimination, abuse, or retaliation.
  • The Union claims that it will use its power to provide the same benefits to all the employees regardless of their employment status.
  • As per the official page of the Union, all workers deserve a voice whether they are Temporary, Contractors, vendors, or Full-time employees.
  • A software engineer at Google, Parul Koul is the Executive Chair of the Alphabet Workers Union.
  • The Union will also collect 1% of total compensation from members.
  • The collected funds will be utilized to provide support to events, wages for members, and to provide legal support in the event of a labor strike.

Google was under fire as the U.S. labor regulator accused it of unlawfully questioning various employees who were then terminated for protesting against policies of the company and were trying to form a union.

Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet Inc. was formed in the year 2015 and is the parent company of Google. The establishment of the company was done with an aim to make the Google business more accountable and cleaner.

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