Arab’s Normalization of Ties with Israel

Since August 2020, there has been an increased rate of normalization of ties with Israel, with a number of Arab League members joining the list.

Key Points for UPSC Prelims

  • The UAE became the 3rd Arab country to agree to formally normalize its relationship with Israel. Before this, Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994 have normalized their ties with Israel.
  • The Israel–United Arab Emirates peace agreement, officially known as the ‘Abraham Accords’ was signed in a US-brokered deal.
  • Later, the head of Bahrain and Sudan’s transitional government announced the normalization of relations with Israel in October.

Morocco latest country to normalize ties with Israel

Recently, Morocco becomes the sixth Arab League member to normalize ties with Israel, the fourth after August. US President Donald Trump announced that both Morocco and Israel have agreed to a historic deal to resume their diplomatic relations and expand economic and cultural cooperation between both the countries.

As per the deal, the liaison offices in Tel Aviv and Rabat which were shut down in the year 2000 will also be reopened. As per the deal, Morocco will allow direct flights to and from Israel.

Palestinians have condemned this agreement but Morocco has clarified this normalization of ties with Israel will not affect the country’s stand of removal of the Israeli Army from Palestine.

What will happen to Western Sahara?

The United States has said that as a part of the Morocco-Israel deal, it will recognize the claim of Morocco over Western Sahara. As per the claim of Morocco, Western Sahara is a part of its territory while the African Union recognizes it as an independent state.  After recognition of Morocco’s claim over Sahara, a long-standing dispute will come to an end.

What is the Israel-Palestine Dispute?

It is a long-standing dispute between both countries since the mid-20th century. At present, Israel has occupied the Gaza Strip and 165 “islands” across the West Bank. No peace agreement has been reached between the countries till now.

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