Astana International Forum

The Astana International Forum is a unique initiative that seeks to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges through diplomacy and cooperation. Launched by Kazakhstan, this event will bring together delegates from governments, businesses, international organizations, and academia to explore innovative solutions to issues like climate change, food scarcity, energy security, and more.

Foreign Policy, Security and Sustainability

The first of the four key topics that the Astana International Forum will address is foreign policy, security and sustainability. This theme will provide a platform for discussions on international relations, security challenges, and sustainable development. The aim is to find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the international community, such as terrorism, organized crime, and environmental degradation. This will also provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of international relations and peacekeeping.

Energy and Climate

The second topic on the agenda is energy and climate. The forum will bring together experts from various fields to discuss the challenges facing the energy industry, as well as potential solutions to the pressing issues related to climate change. The discussions will focus on topics such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Economy and Finance

The third theme of the Astana International Forum will be the economy and finance. This theme will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss the economic and financial challenges facing the world today, such as the global financial crisis, inflation, and the development of new financial markets. The discussions will also focus on ways to enhance economic cooperation and promote sustainable economic growth.

Bringing About Positive Change

The Astana International Forum aims to bring about a positive change in the world through diplomacy and cooperation. By bringing together a diverse range of delegates, the forum seeks to foster new diplomatic relations and strengthen foreign ties. The discussions will be aimed at finding solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges and will be an opportunity for delegates to exchange ideas and experiences.

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