Bhojpur’s Millet Festival

The Bhojpur’s Millet Festival was organized from February 28 to March 1 in Bihar to promote the consumption of millets in the state. Union Minister of Food Processing Industries Pashupati Kumar Paras inaugurated the event. The two-day event aimed to increase awareness about millets and their role in improving health. The festival is part of the many millet-related events conducted in 2023, which has been declared by the United Nations as the International Year of Millets.

Festival History

Bihar has been known to produce Jowar, Bajra, Ragi and Small Millets. However, millets are largely undervalued in Bihar, and many farmers are shifting to other crops, which are more profitable. This festival was a platform to showcase the potential of millets in improving the health of the people and their contribution to the economy. It also aimed to educate people about the importance of consuming millets and encourage the farmers to continue producing them.

The festival brought together stakeholders in the food processing sector to specifically focus on millets. The event saw participation from food processing industries, farmers, traders, and consumers. During the event, participants shared their experiences, knowledge, and expertise on millets. The festival also included live demonstrations of millet-based dishes, exhibitions of different millet varieties, and a farmer-scientist interaction program.

Inaugural address

In his inaugural address, Union Minister Pashupati Kumar Paras highlighted the importance of millets in improving health and nutrition. He also spoke about the potential of millets to contribute to the economy, saying that millets could be a game-changer for Bihar’s economy. He emphasized that the government is committed to promoting the consumption of millets and encouraging farmers to continue producing them. The festival is expected to boost the export of millets from Bihar. With the growing demand for millets in India and abroad, Bihar has the potential to become a major player in the millet industry. The festival provided a platform for the farmers to connect with traders and consumers, which could lead to better prices for their produce.

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