Border Security Force

The Border Security force (BSF) of India guards the international borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh. It was raised in the awake of 1965 war. It is one of the five Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) of the country. It is the only CAPF of the country to have air wing, water wing and artillery regiment. It operates under Ministry of Home Affairs.

Key Facts for UPSC Examination

  • The BSF is the largest border guarding force in the world.
  • The headquarters of BSF is located in New Delhi.
  • The BSF battalions located in Kolkata, Patna and Guwahati are designated as National Disaster Response Force.
  • The “Creek Crocodile” and Camel Contingent are special detachments of the BSF. The main objective of Creek Crocodile is to prevent smuggling and act as a Quick Reaction Force. The Camel Contingent patrols the desert section of the India-Pakistan border.

Why was BSF created?

In 1965, Pakistan attacked Chhar Bet, Sardar Post and Beria Bet in Kutch. This exposed the inadequacy of armed forces to cope with the armed aggression. Thus, Government of India created the BSF at the end of 1965 war.

Active Engagements

The BSF played a major role inIndo-Pakistani war, 1971, Operation Black Thunder, Operation Blue Star, Insurgency in Punjab, Operation Vijay during Kargil war, 2001 India-Bangladesh border skirmishes, 2014-15 India-Pakistan border skirmishes, 2019 India-Paksitan border skirmishes.

Roles and responsibilities

The main objective of the BSF is to guard the borders. It prevents trans=border crimes. It also prevents unauthorized entry or exit from the Indian territory. It prevents smuggling. It collects trans-border intelligence and is involved in anti-infiltration duties. It promotes a sense of security among people living in the international borders.

Role of BSF during war time

It indulges in limited aggressive actions against the enemies during war time. It assists in controlling the refugees. It acts as guides to the army in the international borders. It maintains law and order in the enemy territory. It replenishes manpower. It performs cross-border raids.

Indo-Myanmar border

There is a proposal to entrust BSF along Indo-Myanmar border. Currently, the border is guarded by Assam Rifles.


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