Central Allocation of Remdesivir to be discontinued by the Central Govt.

According to a statement issued by the Shri Mansukh Mandaviya, Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilizers, the central government has decided that it will discontinue the central allocation of the medicine Remdesivir to the States and has directed the National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Agency to monitor the availability of Remdesivir in the country.

The minister has highlighted that the production of the medicine has increased by ten times from 33,000 vials per day in the month April 2021 to 3,50,000 vials per day in the month of May.

According to his statement, the Government has also increased number of plants in India manufacturing the drug to 60 from 20 within the span of a month. Doing so has resulted in India having enough Remdesivir because the supply is more than the demand.

Apart from this, the government has decided to procure 50 lakh vials of the medicine so as to maintain it as a strategic stock in case of any emergency requirement.

About Remdesivir

Remdesivir is an antiviral medication and was developed by the biopharmaceutical company named Gilead Sciences so that it can be administered via injection.

50 countries across the world had authorised it as an emergency use for COVID-19. However, the World Health Organization has made a conditional recommendation in November 2020 for the use of the medicine to treat covid-19.

Remdesivir was originally developed to treat diseases like hepatitis C. Subsequently, this drug has also been investigated to be used against Ebola virus disease, Coronavirus and Marburg virus infections.


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