Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI)

Reports on the Climate Change Performance Index are published by the New Climate Institute, German watch and the Climate Action Network.


The first three spots in this index have been left vacant because no country was successful in getting into the top three. Denmark was 4th, Sweden 5th and Norway 6th. The United Kingdom and Morocco were 7th and 8th respectively. In contrast, according to the index, the United States, Russia, Australia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan performed the worst.

China was 37th. It fell by 4th place compared to the year 2020. The European Union fell below six locations in the year 2021 compared to the previous year. Globally, Scandinavian countries were doing well.

Calculation of CCPI

In the year 2021, CCPI evaluated 60 countries and the European Union. These are due to more than 90% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.  CCPI used 14 indicators to classify countries which fall into four categories. These were greenhouse gas emissions (40% of total points), renewable energy (20% of total points), energy consumption (20%) and climate policy (20%).

India in the CCPI index

India was 10th at 69.22. India has been selected as a middle class performer in the renewable energy category. However, the report states that India benefits from lower per capita emissions. According to the report, India is on track to reach its 2030 emission targets and are trying to achieve the nationally set contributions. India’s performance was highly valued in the categories of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and climate policy. The report raised concerns that no state in India had announced its coal withdrawal and also noted that India has stepped up its coal-powered initiatives after the 2015 Paris Agreement. India has been recommended to set a net zero target for the year 2050. India also needs to do more regarding the areas of adaptation, vulnerability and resilience building.